Company Objective

Chiaramonte Films, Inc. is creating a diverse slate of films for the world market with an eye to the emerging power of new media. Projects are selected to reach a vastly diverse ‘community’ of film seekers. Chiaramonte Films, Inc. adheres to the belief that quality and integrity, in each case, in each genre that it explores, is essential. Today’s audience is sophisticated and the company recognizes a craving for what’s fresh and new.

Company Description

Chiaramonte Films, Inc. was incorporated in California in 1987 after creating more than 250 music videos. It’s production of “Twogether”, starring Nick Cassavetes, Brenda Bakke and Jeremy Pivan was released world-wide by Sony and now, digitally re-mastered, is enjoying its re-release on DVD and VOD. Chiaramonte Films, Inc. holds the copyright to 8 projects – from “StarStruck”, a historical drama, a 10 part mini-series, based on the life of Galileo, to its latest completed motion picture “Young & Cursed”, a teenage supernatural possession film.