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All that John and Allison wanted was to lose themselves in a weekend of wild, passionate, unbridled, kinky SEX… They got a lot more!

John Madler, an ambitious, volatile, struggling artist, a man who believes in freedom of artistic expression and is not shy about trading on his looks and charm and, beyond that, the mystique of the artist as a wild man not beholden to the rules that govern the rest of us, lives on the beach in Venice, California, squatting in a tiny house that he can’t usually pay for.

Allison McKenzie, is a rich girl from Bel Air who has as much baggage as one woman can handle, looking for an escape from the realities of her world – a mother & father who demean her and have never let her be herself.

When the two meet at an art exhibit it’s lust at first sight, and nothing can keep them from running off to Las Vegas together for what becomes a wild time of sexual abandon and intoxication – a lost weekend where they give in to their bodies and their passions without restraint.

But, sober, reality gives them a slap in the face when they discover that somewhere along the way, they got married! They decide, on a quick divorce. Yet when Allison arrives at John’s Venice cottage with the final divorce papers, the tug of their powerful attraction overwhelms them and they foolishly and unexpectedly wind up making love, again—and that incident of sex, kicks off the rest of the film.

Twogether is a snapshot of the love between two people; an example of how a man and a woman can fall for each other even when they shouldn’t, can make it work even when it’s almost not worth it.

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